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Visual Arts

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Visual Design - Ceramics

Visual Design - Ceramics builds on ceramic techniques and skills learnt in Year 8 Visual Arts.

This course introduces wheel throwing, slab constructions and slip casting through a range of different clay bodies. Students explore functional and sculptural works.

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Photography & Digital Media

This course contains both theoretical and practical learning in regards to digital photography and video production. It develops an awareness of the ways photographs can be used to communicate ideas and feelings in contemporary society. It provides opportunities for students to participate in cultural production in a visual medium that has significance to them. Students will use photography, animation and video to demonstrate their awareness of what surrounds them, what they observe, understand, believe and value. 

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Visual Art

The Visual Arts course in Years 9 and 10 is an elective course for students aiming to further their interest and involvement in making and interpreting art through the development of concepts, artmaking skills, and critical writing. In Visual Arts students will explore a range of traditional and contemporary art forms including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and creating a collection of works. 



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