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Visual Arts

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Visual Art

Students engage in critical and historical studies of the art world to investigate artists, artworks, worlds and audiences from a range of cultural, political, historical and social perspectives and use these to inform their own artmaking practices. They will learn about practice in artmaking and investigate how to make art in a variety of forms. Students develop their own artworks in their chosen form culminating in a ‘body of work’ in the HSC course. 



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Visual Design

Students explore the links between art and design by making images and objects in which aesthetic qualities, functionality, purpose and meaning are all interlinked. The subject encourages students to explore practices of graphic, photographic, illustrative, product, sculptural and environmental designs in contemporary societies and promotes imaginative and innovative approaches to design within the context of the Australian environment and culture.


Students explore these ideas through Ceramics, Photography, Video and film, Illustration, Digital drawing and painting, Models and prototypes.

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